Monday, August 31, 2009

im back today

byk gak lah perubahan yang aku tgk ( tgk Je)
so, since today is independent day, it means, ump called me back...
esk kelas pack macam biase.. kerje ade certain lagi tak siap.. not in mood to going back in ump but doesnt meant im not in mood meeting en. AN..
it just, bile kat ump, mcam2 bnda yang unxpted kene lalui.. kwn2.. kejer.. including calculus..
it is an xciment when study all the bio subject.. but ble melibatkan kira2.. im bit down.. XCEPT utk soalan + - x (actually tu pon kdg2 salah).. so hope so this sem utk calculus blh score mcm sub len ... risau nye... yang penting, abah, mama alit mota and en an said... JANGAN PUTUS ASA...
tp saye... ke arah situ....PANG!!! oh tidak.. jgn putus asa... recall jap balik
abah; blaja la dulu jangan asyik nangis je
mama; try ur best macam u main game( game tu lain la ma)
alit; alah calculus je..ekut rumus sudeh( ekut fara masuk dewan xm sudeh)
an;ap bby? putus ase? tak de masalah.. tp pk lah, betape ssh nye nak msuk ump.. tetiba nak putus ase..
en.samsudin; u may reach ur goal if u ade effort, keep try.. keep wat latihan..keep answering my quizes.. tak reti doesnt meant tak blh blaja
so, engatkan saye.. bile saye terputus ase...argh!!, i hate this kind of feeling and spirits..

An AwSoMe WeeKs!!

well why diz week is 'awesome'
sbb ade due becoming test...
  1. cell and molecular ( chap1-chap3)
  2. industrial biotech (strt yang fisrt-last week note)

then as usuall, kerja bertambah2... titas take home test?sape dah siap?

since the fisrt day i step in UMP.. kerja mmg byk compared with unisel, more relaxing.. but i still can manage( even kerje last minute).. hope sementara lagi due minggu kat sni.. sume nye berjalan macam biase... tak mo dah macam last week.. =(

Sunday, August 23, 2009

haPpy raMaDhaN

Salam ramadhan to all dear fellow friends
semoga kite dirahmati dan sentiasa di berkati dalam bulan yang mulia
doakan saye sentiasa kuat untuk jalani liku2 kehiduapan sebagai seorang muslimah yang baik (even, saye tak baik pon)
mish my family... =(

Sunday, August 16, 2009


well, on last tuesday, my tech. english class having a presentation,
as usual, nervous feeling has interuppted our presentation
all kinds of urm, eh, aaa, came out from our speech
but, overall it was the best evr best presentation in our class
keep share n caring to our classmate ( kite tak ramai)
sharing is caring... but...
why ppl cried on my presentation?
beah: sedeynye presentation
siti: nak nangis, tp tahan je
fisya: sowei, fara juz tak leh tahan , meleleh trus
jannah: tersentuh dgr presentation akk
(yg len tue tak engt sape)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

eLOw ReaDeRs,

Here, is wHat i pROmIse beFoRe,

My BuFdAy PrESeNt By MukaRRaMah

'ByBLos' aNd 'TiRaMisU'

My nEW PrInTer ( the OThEr 1 wItH aN)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pc & cHoClaTe FaiR

well last sunday an and i went to the pc fair at megamall
we manged to buy the buy 1 printer and free 1 printer
so, now an and me have our printer respectively
then after a few hour spendinng times with an,
mukarramah arrived at terminal she bought us a lot of cholte
including my birthday present.
thnks mu =)
well what can i describe for yesterday is,
pc aNd cHocLaTe Fair
p/s; later on, i'll put on all those pictures =)
thnks for all yesterday moment....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

uNsToPpabLE JoBs

satisfy with the holiday?
rite now, the 'job' student begins now having alot of work to do
1)biochem tuto/xicment
2)my yakult
4)cell mole xciment
5) calculus the great =)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


i'm back in ump..
nearly 4-5 h journey..
it made me tired..
well, having a dinner with an made me feel better
yeke? ahahaha..
keje semakin byk yg tertangguh..(nie sume pasal cuti)
p/s; mu, im waiting 4 u, nak ciap kan keje same2

Thursday, August 6, 2009

~eNd Of H1N1 oLiDays~

Well, it is near soon to end our h1n1 holidays..
erm, nampak macam tak best,
but actually helps me alot...
yeke? not really..
still on games, chating n messaging..
owh ump wait 4 me..

Sunday, August 2, 2009


WeLCoMe To My BlOg